What can a CHLC do for me?


Our system is your system, but better!

We start with a comprehensive intake survey designed to help you define where you are now in key areas of your life, find your current approach to achieving your goals and collect data we will record to help us measure your success. From there, we help you find a step by step approach to success that includes developing a system that works for you based on your own personal growth and development needs along with the tools and the team support to achieve success on your terms. Learn the secrets that astrologers use for choosing the best time to start a new project, the details manifesting experts conveniently leave out of their free articles and how to utilize biodynamic techniques to achieve your goals quicker and with less effort than you could imagine. Call us today to see if personal coaching is the missing piece in your support team.

Sarah Lynn, CHLC

Sarah Lynn is a Certified Holistic Life Coach with more than a 20-year background in Astrology and Biodynamic living. Sarah’s training includes a formal education in health sciences and a background in finance.

With a long history in the holistic movement, Sarah is uniquely qualified as a holistic life coach with years of experience in the field. She worked as an intern to Master Astrologer and holistic counselor, Christine Allen. Sarah went on to own and operate her own metaphysical resource and book store in Mt. Vernon, WA.

Sarah’s main focus has always been helping her clients find an authentic balance to their lives while striving to reach their highest potential. She does that with a variety of self-discovery techniques, specific goals, and affirmations. Sarah’s techniques include working with a client's life cycles, the natural ebb, and flow of nature, and Law of Attraction principles applied to nurture productive habits and let go of habits that tend to slow us down or block success.  

Sarah currently lives in her home town of Portland, Oregon with her kitty, Boo, and an extended family that stretches up and down the pacific coast. She loves hikes through the woods after a good rain, catching up with her children now that they are going in all directions as they stretch their wings.

Coaching is a commitment you and Sarah both make to your success. If you would like additional information, please reach out for an initial interview to see if we are a good fit! 

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