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We are currently reviewing submissions for Guest Contributors to highlight their writing or art. We are open to different mediums - so if you are looking for a place to have your blog, gallery or website featured, we would love to hear from you!

Meet the Team

Moonbeams & Paisley Dreams is a new and expanding website dedicated to exploring biodynamic living and planning through shared resources, stories and random thoughts about the moon, nature, physics and reaching for the stars. Our Contributing Team includes a well seasoned professional astrologer and holistic living coach, her daughter giving a gen-z perspective on growing up and living with these resources, and YOU! We are excited to get our contributing artists in this section and tell everyone all about what you have to offer!

Sarah Lynn, CHLC

Certified Holistic Life Coach & Professional Astrologer

Founder of Moonbeams & Paisley Dreams, and Managing Director of Sarah Lynn, LLC Coaching & Consulting, Sarah is the driving force behind our vision.


Kennedy Cutting

Managing Editor 

Representing Generation Z on the Lifestyle front, and working as managing editor for our site, Morgan keeps herself busy as a full-time student along with maintaining much of our social media and screening submissions for guest contributors.


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Guest Contributor

We'll get a short bio for you up here, and a link to any additional information you have out there so that our visitors can find out more about you!

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Reach out to us here, and we'll get you additional information about scheduling a Lecture or Workshop in your area or online, attending our next Lecture or Workshop on Astrology or Biodynamic Living, or Contributing to our site and getting some exposure for you!