Astrology of The United States of America

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Horoscope of the United States of America

February 2021

Jan 5, 2021 (Dec 3, 2020 to Feb 5, 2021)              

Plu Oppos Merc

    You pursue ideas with intensity now. You have a questioning, almost cynical attitude now, that probes beneath the surface of any issue. This is an excellent time for any kind of research or in-depth study.


Feb 6, 2021     (Feb 5, 2021 to Feb 7, 2021)              Merc Conj Moon

    Conversations have a particularly emotional, intimate, or nostalgic tone. Sharing memories and reminiscences, or discussing a very personal topic with someone you feel you can trust is likely now. You may have a significant communication (letter, phone call, or personal discussion) with someone who was once very important to you or with whom you have a long history. This is a good time to reflect, review, and get a perspective on emotional matters or things of the past.


Feb 7, 2021     (Feb 7, 2021 to Feb 8, 2021)              Merc Trine Mars

    This is a good time to assert your own needs and desires, to communicate to others what you really want. You are sharp, clear, decisive, and articulate. You can't stand being idle now; you are ready for challenging, intellectual activities and attacking difficult problems on the job.


Feb 8, 2021     (Feb 7, 2021 to Feb 9, 2021)              Ven Trine MC

    Your friendly concern for others and your willingness to meet people half way benefits your career, reputation, or public image at this time. This is a favorable time to socialize with people you have professional ties with, as the positive feelings you generate now are likely to be an aid to you in the future. Beautifying the place where you interface with the public and an increased concern about your own physical appearance are also brought out now.


Feb 8, 2021     (Feb 7, 2021 to Feb 9, 2021)              Ven Trine Ura

    Unexpected pleasures, new friends, or a more playful, adventurous attitude in your relationships make this time period stimulating and delightful. You want a break from your usual routine, and because you are willing to experiment and to be spontaneous, you are likely to experience a refreshing change of pace. A new romance or a revitalization of a current one is very likely.


Feb 9, 2021     (Feb 9, 2021 to Feb 10, 2021)              Sun Trine Mars

    You have an abundance of physical energy and self-confidence right now and can take on new projects and challenges with ease. You feel bolder and less dependent on others' affirmation and approval.

    Taking a strong stand or striking out on your own in some manner is likely to work out well for you.


Feb 11, 2021    (Feb 11, 2021 to Feb 12, 2021)              Sun Conj Moon

    Key issues now are your home, personal life, and closest emotional relationships. You feel more quiet and reflective, and you feel a need to be closer to home and to loved ones. You can draw a lot of strength and satisfaction from your family and roots now, but if all is not well in this area, you will clearly see any difficulties or inadequacies at this time. You are more emotional and subjective than usual.


Feb 13, 2021    (Feb 13, 2021 to Feb 14, 2021)               Merc Trine Sat

    The emphasis is now on long-range financial planning, thinking about future security, and formulating strategies to achieve your ambitions. Your ability to study quietly, to concentrate on complex mental work, and to think deeply about serious matters is much better than usual. This is a good time to organize your affairs and also to seek professional advice about your concerns.


Feb 13, 2021    (Feb 13, 2021 to Feb 14, 2021)              Ven Trine Sat

    This is an excellent time to make decisions about your financial affairs, as your judgement is sound and reliable, though a bit conservative. Investing in beautiful things which are likely to increase in value over time (such as jewelry or fine art) is favored. You are not interested in fleeting excitement or frivolity now. Spending "quality time" with an old and trusted friend, or enjoying the company of an experienced, mature person who has much of substance to give you will make you happy.


Feb 18, 2021    (Feb 17, 2021 to Feb 19, 2021)               Ven Trine Mars

    You feel quite amorous and affectionate now, and will very much want to share this time with someone you love or at least with congenial company. Your creative or artistic inclinations are also stimulated, and your work in these areas will be especially satisfying and successful at this time.


Feb 18, 2021    (Feb 17, 2021 to Feb 20, 2021)               Mars Trine Nep

    You do not feel very sharp, competitive, or aggressive at this time. Feelings of relaxation, receptivity, passivity, or aimlessness are likely and you tend to avoid stressful confrontations or situations that demand too much of you. Goals and desires that normally seem so important - especially ones in which you are pushing your own interests - do not matter quite as much now. Your imagination is stimulated, and you need activities and entertainments that are colorful, out the ordinary, and definitely not mundane.


Feb 19, 2021    (Feb 17, 2021 to Feb 21, 2021)              Mars Sqr Moon

    At this time you are prone to irritability, temper tantrums, and flying off the handle for slim reasons. You are also impatient and inclined to rush unnecessarily, which can cause accidents or bruised feelings of the part of the people you live with or work closely with. You are in a fighting mood and stand up for your rights more readily than usual, but beware of the tendency to be abrasive and insensitive.


Feb 19, 2021    (Feb 19, 2021 to Feb 20, 2021)              Ven Conj Moon

    Feelings of tenderness and love, especially for family or children, are very strong at this time. You want to shower loved ones with affection, to invite friends into your home, and to be pampered and cared for. Your relationships with women are very harmonious and positive now.


Feb 21, 2021    (Feb 16, 2021 to Feb 25, 2021)              Jup Trine Sat

    You feel the desire to make several minor, but significant, adjustments in your work. For example, if you are engaged in a business activity, you may discontinue some advertising, use new sources for various services that you use, assign new tasks to employees, change advertising to appeal to a new market, make changes in the product line, etc.


Feb 21, 2021    (Feb 21, 2021 to Feb 22, 2021)              Sun Trine Ven

    Giving and receiving appreciation, love, and happiness come into your life now. You are moved to express your affections more openly than usual. You also want to be surrounded with beauty and harmonious people, and your artistic efforts flourish.


Feb 22, 2021    (Feb 20, 2021 to Feb 24, 2021)               Mars Sxtil Merc

    You have a lot of mental energy and are eager to "attack" intellectual or conceptual problems. You are likely to come up with a clever solution or a very workable plan, especially if you brainstorm with others. You also tend to make up your mind very quickly and decisively now, and to translate your ideas into action.


Feb 24, 2021    (Feb 23, 2021 to Feb 25, 2021)              Sun Trine Jup

    This is a good time for relaxing recreation, a time to refresh and rejuvenate yourself and do the things you most enjoy doing. Good humor and optimism prevail now, and you are able to get a larger perspective on your life. This is also a good time to approach someone who is in a position to benefit you spiritually, intellectually, or materially.


Feb 27, 2021    (Feb 27, 2021 to Feb 28, 2021)              Sun Sqr MC

    You are at cross purposes with the people in your environment who are most able to benefit you. You tend to come on too strong, to be oblivious to others' needs and intentions, or to act inappropriately now. You feel an urgency to take positive steps to achieve your goals, but be certain that you are not overstepping yourself, as this can cause considerable enmity at this time.


Feb 27, 2021    (Feb 27, 2021 to Feb 28, 2021)              Sun Sqr Ura

    Your usual routine is likely to be disrupted now, either by "freak" accidents beyond your control or by your own impatience with the status quo. Sudden unexpected events, and breaking free of confining situations and relationships are very likely.


Feb 27, 2021    (Feb 27, 2021 to Feb 28, 2021)              Ven Trine Ven

    Contentment, emotional well-being and harmony prevail in your personal relationships. At this time you relax, and indulge in your pleasure-loving side. Unless other astrological indications override this influence, you are unlikely to be forceful and try to make things happen, but instead are inclined to flow along with people and situations, attracting what you need and letting the world come to you.


Feb 27, 2021    (Feb 26, 2021 to Mar 1, 2021)              Mars Trine Plu

    Getting what you really want and moving toward achieving the things which are important to you may involve surrendering something or eliminating something from your life at this time: perhaps an attitude, a situation, or an attachment that has been impeding you is now released. You feel free to concentrate on the things that are most important to you now. Major, long-term changes can be successfully begun now - a lifestyle change or a regimen of self-improvement, for instance.