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The 24-hour Sacred Cycle & Why We Should Stop Wasting All 365 of Them

How quickly 24 hours can turn into 72, and before you know it a week has slipped by. Without paying attention a week can turn into a month, and in a flash your year is gone but you don’t feel like you’re any further along than you were 365 days ago!

In roughly 24 hours our planet has completed a full rotation on its axis, your body’s circadian rhythm has finished a complete cycle, and all of nature has run through its own form of sleep and wake cycles. You may not think of this daily grind as a magical, repeating pattern in your life, but there was a time when people marveled at its predictability and the synchronicity this repeating, shared cycle formed between their own body and nature. There are some easy to add,  daily rituals I use in my own life for bringing the 3 most important elements of manifestation alive in my 24-hour daily cycle and help remind me of the blessings and opportunities each day brings. 

  1. Give thanks before you get out of bed. If you have a mantra or positive affirmation you are working with, this is the perfect time to repeat your affirmation out loud. I like the number 3 for manifesting, so I suggest giving your gratitude and saying your affirmations 3 times out loud before your feet even hit the ground. When you practice setting your attitude and intention for the day, you will be surprised at how you bring a certain sanctity to your day! 
  2. Stretching is not only a good way to get your blood circulating first thing in the morning, but it’s also a good time to practice being flexible. I like to use a simple Hatha Yoga routine that I have worked into my morning, but any stretching will work. This doesn’t have to take a large chunk of your morning, just 10 or 15 minutes when you first get up. If that's too much of a time commitment, start with 3 to 5 minutes. I suggest that you take this time to breathe in energizing, refreshing oxygen, breathe out all the impurities and energy blocks that may keep you from having your best day. This is a good time to visualize abundance pouring down on you. If you take a shower in the morning, I like to visualize abundance raining down on me there as well. These are also good times to set your intentions for the day, and repeat your positive affirmation if you have formulated one. 
  3. If you have an hourly or salaried job you head out to each day, this is a good time to be grateful for all it provides even if it’s not your dream job. In fact, if you aren’t heading to work in the morning feeling energized and excited about what you’re going to do for the day, that probably means you’ve outgrown your current situation and you're ready for a new challenge. Don’t force a change, but do keep yourself open to new opportunities and keep a positive, "say yes" attitude.  
  4. I also find it useful to go through a wind-down process at night when I’m getting ready for bed. I basically go through my wake up routine in reverse: I do some easy stretching with a little deep breathing. Again, this is your routine, so find what works for you. As you get more in tune with your own body’s daily rhythms, you may want to make adjustments to all these suggestions or tweak them to reach your own personal goals. For most people, the body’s circulatory system is working at its peak between 7 & 9 PM with its rest period (or point of lowest activity) from 9 to 11 PM. I find that doing some stretching and deep breathing around 9:30 or so at night, when the circulatory system is entering its natural slow down cycle, helps me to clear my mind and prepare my body for sleep. I like to practice breathing in cleansing, calming breaths and I breathe out any of the negativity of the day. 
  5. Right before going to bed is an excellent time to do any meditation or visualization techniques you may have developed. If you have created a vision board take some time to look it over and remind yourself how it feels to be living that life you're dreaming of, and repeat your personal mantra or positive affirmations. It is especially effective to plant seeds for your future right before you go to sleep. Thomas Edison is known to have said, “Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.”  I have found that spending a little time and energy imagining myself waking up to live my best life right before I fall asleep is especially effective for manifesting change. 

It may seem like I'm suggesting you change your entire life in order to make your daily routines sacred, but this can be as complicated and time-consuming, or as simple as you want. If you really look at the simple, 5 steps I use every day, you could do all of those with as little as 5 minutes added to your regular morning activities and 5 minutes at night. You probably already have some of these habits in place in one way or another. Most of the effort needed here is the conscious effort of changing your mindset about your daily grind. Even if it seems like you wake up with the alarm blaring, dragging yourself out of bed, followed by collapsing back in bed at the end of the day, you can start there. Wherever you’re starting with your daily routine is fine, as long as you are aware of your daily habits. I find it’s always easier to tweak a current habit or add a behavior when you look at how it fits into your life as a whole.

Sarah Lynn is a Certified Holistic Life Coach with more than a 20-year background in Astrology and Biodynamic living. Sarah’s education includes a formal education in health sciences and a background in finance. With a long history in the holistic movement, Sarah worked as an intern to Master Astrologer and holistic counselor, Christine Allen, where she later owned and operated a metaphysical book store in Mt. Vernon, WA. Sarah’s main focus has always been helping her clients find an authentic balance to their lives while striving to reach their highest potential. She does that with a variety of self-discovery techniques, specific goals, and affirmations. Sarah’s techniques include working with a client's life cycles, the natural ebb, and flow of nature, and Law of Attraction principles applied to nurture productive habits and let go of habits that tend to slow us down or block success. Sarah currently lives in her home town of Portland, Oregon, with her kitty, Boo, and an extended family that stretches up and down the pacific coast. She loves hikes through the woods after a good rain, catching up with her children now that they are going in all directions as they stretch their wings. Coaching is a commitment you and Sarah both make to your success, so an introductory interview can be made by emailing us a request to [email protected] We will schedule an informal conversation to see if Sarah’s coaching style will be a good fit. Scheduling from there will be done with Sarah.