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Planning your life by the phases of the moon is as old as civilization itself. Biodynamic Coaching is all about tuning into your natural rhythms and learning to work with the cycles of nature.

Ancient Tools

Astrology, Numerology, Holistic Living & Biodynamic Theory are just some of the tools I help my clients to learn and master to harness their energy cycles and take their lives to the next level. Let's talk about how ancient wisdom can unlock your best life in this modern world.

Since 1993

Unique Timing is Everyone's Birthright

Each of us is born at a unique time at a unique place and just like every other living thing, we are imprinted with the energy into which we are born. It is my hope that we can bring to you more information on holistic and biodynamic living along with tools to help you apply these principles in your own life. By learning to live in synch with the rhythms of life, you learn to respect your own, unique growth path.

In honoring all that is holistic in our own lives and the world around us, we're also bringing guest authors with no specific rules for sharing to provide content we can all share and enjoy. This is a safe space to learn, share and explore as we all travel this trip called life.

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Sarah Lynn, CHLC


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