Astrology / Workshop

Astrology in Your Life

A fun, interactive workshop to teach the basics of astrology and how it can be used in your life. Open to a group of 6 to 20, this workshop is educational and a fun, bonding experience. We start with a short introduction to astrology, the basics of a chart, and simple suggestions about how astrological timing can be used in everyday life. We then move into an interactive session where we apply what we learned and look at reading our charts. Sarah has time to make the rounds and do a short Q&A with each of the participants.

Biodynamic Living / Lecture

Insync Living

Life has a rhythm and energy ebbs and flows with this changing rhythm. Some times are for driving forward and some times are for pulling back to nurture yourself. Believe it or not, these cycles are more predictable than you may think, there's a reason for the pattern, and you can use this information to plan more effectively over time. This lecture will break down the basics of planning in sync with the daily, weekly, and monthly patterns and how we can use these patterns for goal setting and success.